Choosing Colors for Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics users have choices.  What draws us to pick up one cosmetics product from a shelf over the other? Price obviously dictates some of the choice, but another important aspect is packaging aesthetics. And not only the packaging, but specifically its color plays a big part of catching our attention. If your cosmetics company hasn’t considered this influential aspect of cosmetics packaging yet, contact All American Containers Northeast to help you create the perfect packaging, color and all.

A system called the Dewey Color System makes choosing the color a science rather than simply personal preference. It’s been proven that different colors are associated with specific feelings. So what feelings do you want your cosmetics products to evoke? What do you want your product to represent? Specialists at All American Containers Northeast know how to create cosmetics packaging that is gender and age appropriate for your customers with a combination of colors that provides the right style and personality.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be vibrant to stand apart from other products. Something as simple as strategically placing white or black segments for contrast can make your lipstick or mascara product eye catching. The most important aspect is to cater to your target audience, and All American Containers Northeast has the skilled team to help your cosmetics company do just that.

Call us today to learn what better color selection can mean for your cosmetics product sales.


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