Creative Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics packaging solutionsCosmetics are as unique as the customers who buy them. The packaging components for these products should be equally customized and creative. All American Containers Northeast has the resources to make this a reality. Affiliations with the National Association of Container Distributors and C-TPAT ensure the quality of All American, its products, and effectiveness. These connections as well as others around the world give AAC-NE the opportunity to locate obscure product and to deliver the final cosmetic packaging to your company in an efficient amount of time.

All American provides multiple material options to allow the perfect customization. AAC-NE most commonly makes cosmetic packaging out of glass, metal, or plastic. Any of these options means durability and rigid packaging because All American Containers Northeast prides itself on package quality.

Another standard of the company is innovation. Different techniques in packaging production allow All American to mold containers to its customers’ needs. Stretch blow molding provides great strength to the final product, and injection blow molding allows complex and intricate pieces to be made. Blow molded parts come in all shapes and sizes so there are no limits to your cosmetic packaging options. Lipstick and lip gloss cases, mascara cases, compacts, deodorant stick containers, and make up tubes are just the beginning of what All American Containers Northeast can creatively package to make your cosmetic products stand apart from the competition.


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