Beverage Packaging Color Choices

When it comes to packaging your beverages, never underestimate the importance of color. The bottle, the labelĀ and the closure can be fun and flirty, bright and bold, or even soft and soothing. Color packaging can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product because it’s all about catering to your customer. But how does one go about choosing a color from a seemingly endless spectrum? Experts at All American Containers Northeast know the science and marketing behind the best color choice for your beverage packaging.

AAC-NE’s staff has decades of experience to guide your company in its packaging selections. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry; they are. This skilled team has a history of exceeding expectations with great customer service and is happy to walk you through step by step to the perfect color as well as other design factors. The Dewey Color system is used to evaluate what color would be appropriate to represent your beverage product based on the psychology of color influencing human behavior and emotion as well as characterizing a certain personality. Some colors are simply more appealing than others, and some color combinations pop off the shelf the most. Consult All American Containers Northeast packaging experts, and separate your beverage from the rest with the right colors.