Food Packaging Colors

Color is an important part of making a product stand out on the shelf and in targeting a specific audience. If you’re a food manufacturer, it may be time to reconsider the use of color in your food packaging, including bottles, bags and closures. All American Containers Northeast has the technical expertise to help you approach the choice with innovative solutions, since any person’s personal preference does not necessarily dictate the appropriate color. Instead, the selection comes from the study of human nature and marketing techniques, including the Dewey Color system, which gives quantifiable results based on customer reactions to different colors. Take all the guesswork out of it with the help of AAC-NE marketing specialists.

What does the color say about your product? About your intended consumer? All American Containers Northeast looks at packaging color from every angle because it can be important enough to determine your sales. AAC-NE can also analyze your competitors’ colors to help make the best selection for your company. The right color combination, whether it’s strategically placed white or something a little more vibrant, will make your product stand alone in your customer’s mind. With All American Containers Northeast, your food company will take advantage of the influence of color to create a brand for your product.