Eye Shadow, Cream, Blush and Loose Powder Cases

Cosmetics packaging solutionsAll American Containers Northeast is a leading supplier of cosmetic cases and cosmetics packaging in the Northeast United States.  Whether you need a case for eye shadow, loose or pressed powder, blush or a cream makeup, we can get you the best packaging or container to showcase your product.

We understand that makeup packaging is almost as important as the product inside.  As a result, the options for makeup packaging are seemingly endless.  While having many choices is a good thing, sifting through all the options to find the best case can be overwhelming. Let our cosmetics packaging experts do the hard work for you.  We can help you navigate the many options in beauty and cosmetics packaging, always keeping your product’s requirements – and price – in mind.

Here are just a few of the possibilities for eye shadow, blush and loose powder containers:

  • Square or round eye shadow cases
  • Mirrored compact cases
  • Single, double, or multi-shade palette boxes
  • Cylindrical eye shadow applicator pens
  • Plastic, glass or metal jars for loose powder
  • Plastic powder sifters
  • Separate brushes and applicators
  • Brush/applicator integrated in lid
  • Colored and clear cases
  • Textured and high gloss finishes
  • Recyclable makeup containers

Our global sourcing capability means that no matter where in the world that perfect container is made, we can get it for you, and at very competitive prices.  We maintain a warehouse in Central New Jersey, which allows us to maintain and track inventory of your containers, and to ship them to you as you need them.

Let All American Containers Northeast do the legwork of finding and getting the right makeup packaging for your valued product.  Then you can focus on the good stuff – your product.  Email or call us today at (732) 537-0430.