Lip Gloss and Lip Balm Packaging

All American Containers Northeast offers a huge variety of containers for lip balm and lip gloss.

Widely used products like lip gloss and lip balm come in a dizzying array of cosmetics packaging options.  The look, feel, even scent of the product affect how it should be packaged in order to preserve its unique qualities and to reflect the valued product inside.  At All American Containers Northeast, we are packaging experts with deep experience in beauty and cosmetics packaging.   We have the ability to source products from anywhere in the world to get you the widest selection to suit your product.  We can help you choose the container, applicator, and the closure for your lip gloss, in a design you like, and for a price you love.

We understand the need to have your lip gloss or lip balm be beautiful and functional at the same time.   We offer lip gloss and lip balm container options that include tins, jars, pots, slim line cases, and squeezable tubes, to name just a few.  Containers are available in plastic, glass, and metal tins, in cylindrical, square, and even novelty shapes such as donuts, or teddy bears.  Choose from sponge tip or brush wand applicators, or twist-up, roller ball, or simple squeeze delivery for your product.  Then, depending on your choice, caps can be identified to match the design of the container.  Simple caps, wand or brush combination caps, and even specialty lighted or figurine caps are possible.  Of course, all of these lip gloss and lip balm containers are available in any color and finish you desire: clear, colored, shiny, matte, textured, or frosted are some popular options.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of lip gloss and lip balm containers out there.  All American Containers Northeast can do your work for you.  Let us navigate your options to get the ideal package for your lip gloss or lip balm, all at a great price.  Call us today at (732) 537-0430.