Plastic Bottle Supplier in New York

At All American Containers Northeast, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, competitively priced plastic bottles to customers in New York and the rest of the Northeast United States.  The vendor relationships we have developed across the country and internationally allow us to offer our customers an endless selection of plastic bottles in the design style, size and specifications that you require.


Whether your packaging solution requires a Boston Round, Bullet Round, Oblong or some other shape, we can deliver.  If you are not sure of the optimal shape for your product, our service team can guide you to the perfect solution.  Looking for options as to the type of plastic?  From HDPE to LDPE to PVC to PET, our consultative approach will ensure that you get the best solution.


If you are considering a custom-designed package, our staff can guide you through the design and engineering phases to create a plastic bottle that is economical, innovative, and appeals to your target market.

Contact us today and let us guide you through a solution to your plastic bottle packaging needs.  We promptly deliver next day from our New Jersey warehouse to most locations in New York and the rest of the Northeastern United States.