Plastic Bottle Supplier in Ohio

plastic bottlesFor customers in Ohio, All American Containers Northeast is your first choice for innovative solutions in plastic bottle packaging.  We have a virtually limitless range of plastic bottles available for you packaging needs.

In addition to plastic bottles, jars, tubes and pails, we proudly offer the best selection of caps, sprayers and pumps.  Need something more off the beaten path?  We can work with you in finding the perfect specialty products such as measuring mugs, industrial drums and much more.  If you are unsure which plastic bottle material suits your needs, we can help.  If you are struggling to determine the optimal mouth size, neck finish or label panel, we can help. We serve Ohio customers in the following markets:


If you have a had issues in the past when your product was ready to ship but your packaging supplies weren’t, we can make that a thing of the past.  Our large warehouse allow us to stock product for our customers, and our Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) programs will leave you confident that your plastic bottles will arrive when you need them.  In addition, we will monitor your inventory levels so that you don’t have to.

Call us today at (732) 537-0430 to let us make any packaging headaches you have had in the past a distant memory.  We ship weekly and in some cases daily, to customers in Ohio and the rest of the Northeastern United States.