Plastic Bottle Supplier in Pennsylvania

All American Containers Northeast is a premier packaging company offering a full range of plastic bottles to suit your packaging needs.  We specialize in helping you determine which bottle best fits your product’s technical, safety and/or aesthetic requirements, whether for personal care items, food products, pharmaceuticals or industrial products.

Once you have determined which plastic bottle matches your product, whether it is PET or another material, All American Containers NE can help you source the optimum lid for your product.  Plain caps, dispensing caps, specialty caps and closures are just some of the options available.

All American Containers NE maintains a large warehouse in central New Jersey.  Our containers can be delivered to most Pennsylvania locations within 2 days for products that we stock for you in our 70,000 square foot warehouse.  Our experienced customer service team will monitor your inventory levels at all times, so that you are never out of stock and your plastic bottles arrive at your facility when you need them.

We have many years experience providing plastic bottles and other packaging solutions to our customers from all industries.

Contact us now.  We are eager to help with all your plastic bottle packaging needs, in Pennsylvania and neighboring states in the Northeast United States.