Recyclable Cosmetics Packaging

“Go green.” The phrase has become colloquial over the years as pressure increases to keep the environment in mind, and the cosmetics and personal care packaging industry is no exception. All American Containers Northeast provides innovative solutions to help you package your cosmetic products in an environmentally friendly way. Increase in consumer demand for greener packaging, or increase in regulation mandating recyclable product means your company may not have a choice in the near future, whether recycling is your high priority now or not. So get ahead of the curve and minimize your carbon footprint with All American Containers Northeast’s expertise. If you’re not sure how to get started, AAC-NE’s skilled team has decades of experience to guide you and prides itself on efficiency. No other packaging provider will make it as easy to cater to your environment-conscientious customers all while supplying quality materials at a competitive price.

With All American Containers Northeast, your cosmetics product packaging can be environmentally friendly – and your changeover to recycled packaging will be smooth. ¬†AAC-NE is known for great customer service that continually exceeds expectations. Green packaging can be done efficiently by optimizing the type and amount of material used (glass, metal, plastic, etc.) but in any case your vision won’t be lost. Your cosmetics can stand out on the shelves in their environmental-friendly packaging with AAC-NE’s creativity. All American Containers Northeast will make your “green” transition a breeze.


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