Double Layer Round Caps or Inner Stopper Caps

Don’t let double layer round or inner stopper caps be part of the problem.  If you are like most pharmaceutical, nutritional or food and beverage suppliers, you spend a lot more time designing, producing and marketing your product than you do thinking about the packaging.  When it comes to the total package, the closure is probably the last thing you think of.  All American Containers Northeast can help with making sure that that last step of the process for you, the closure, is not and afterthought, and does not end up becoming a bottleneck

Double layer, cone lined or inner stopper caps come in many styles, colors and varieties.  The black phenolic cone lined caps are available in many sizes, all with excellent strength and seal characteristics.  We test your complete packaging solutions before shipping to ensure that leakage or cracking does not occur.

We assist customers with their double layer round or inner stopper cap solutions across the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.  If you are not completely satisfied with your current packaging closure solution or supplier, are or looking for a new, innovative solution, give All American Containers Northeast a call.  We can help with orders small or large, and specialize in quick, accurate turnaround.