Plastic Bottle Materials – Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene is a very versatile and economic plastic bottle material – one of many offered by All American Containers Northeast.  It is used in a rigid form for plastic jars and other hard plastic items, or as a foamed plastic used for insulation or for protection of fragile goods.

Plastic jars and bottles made from polystyrene offer excellent clarity and rigidity.  Polystyrene jars are typically used to package dry products such as vitamins, spices, cosmetics and lotions.  Polystyrene bottles and jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be a terrific alternative to glass jars or bottles.

Common bottle packaging types using Polystyrene:

  • Food Service Bottles
  • Rigid Food Bottles
  • Nut Packaging
  • Pain Medication Bottles

Contact All American Containers Northeast for access to and information and specifications on a wide variety of Polystyrene plastic bottles and jars.  If you are not sure that Polystyrene in the right choice, you can explore our many other options in plastic bottle packaging, and we will give you all the expert advice that you need.